Curriculum Vitae


  • Thirteen years experience instructing students of diverse ages and backgrounds within higher education in gender studies, feminist theory and methods, and current events; literature; research, rhetoric, and writing.
  • Two years experience in advising and student affairs with an emphasis on project management, and curriculum and resource development.
  • Strong record of service-learning, learning community instruction, and community engagement.
  • Published scholar, poet, and independent blogger.
  • Active community organizer, event planner, and social justice activist with experience in inter-generational coalition-building between campus and surrounding community.
  • Successful grant-writer with experience in fundraising and outreach in the non-profit, arts, and academic sectors.


Ph.D. in Literature, Purdue University, Doctoral Candidate

  • Safe Zone (LGBTQ Diversity) Training, February 2015
  • Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, December 2011

M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Purdue University, May 2007
M.A. in English, Western Illinois University, May 2004
B.A. in English, cum laude, Western Illinois University, December 2001


Writing Consultant, Honors College – National & International Scholarships Office (NISO)
Purdue University (November 2013-present)

  • Designed and led ongoing workshops for applicants on writing, leadership, and academic relationships.
  • Evaluated students’ scholarship and study abroad application essays and provided feedback.
  • Collaborated with other campus offices and student programs to identify potential successful applicants.
  • Developed and scripted series of informational scholarship videos for NISO website.
  • Supervised and collaborated with freelance videographer to film and edit video project.
  • Researched and assembled scholarship Resource Center for interested students.
  • Edited, updated, and deployed web content re: scholarships via Cascade.
  • Wrote and posted weekly social media content for NISO on Twitter and Facebook.


Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program, Graduate Instructor | Purdue University
Aug. 2012-present | Courses Taught: WGSS 280 (six sections)

  • Instructed undergraduate students in feminist movements and history, feminist theory and methods; gender and sexuality; race; class; intersecting systems of oppression; activism; and global feminism.
  • Designed all syllabi, assignments, handouts, interactive activities and lectures for the course.
  • Created and managed course content on both WordPress and Blackboard Learn.
  • Successfully guided students through grant-writing and application process for community outreach project.
  • Assisted director with planning program events and hosting visiting scholars and activists, including bell hooks and Angela Davis.
  • Represented the Purdue WGSS program at Midwest Regional Gender Studies Consortium at DePauw University in 2015.
  • Mentored undergraduate members of the Feminist Action Coalition for Today (FACT) in their activism, including petition writing, event-planning, and campus and community outreach.

Department of English, Graduate Instructor | Purdue University (August 2004-May 2012)
Courses Taught: ENGL 106, 106J, 108, 205, 250, and 407

  • English 250: Great American Books (one section). Presented six landmark novels by American authors of the 20th century selected for their contributions to public discourses about social justice to help students understand literary works as agents of culture while developing skills in close reading and literary analysis. Led discussions and lectures on immigration, labor, and class struggle in The Jungle and The Grapes of Wrath; Black feminism and intersections of gender and race in Their Eyes Were Watching God; literary naturalism, institutionalized racism, and the law in Native Son; the legacy of colonialism and healing in Ceremony; and war, trauma, and memory in The Things They Carried. Web:
  • English 205: Introduction to Creative Writing (4 sections). Introduced students to the essential elements of craft of both poetry and short story writing. Discussed close reading of contemporary poems, short stories, and craft essays from a variety of authors on image, language, form and line break, characterization, dialogue, and summary vs. scene. Facilitated workshop of students’ own poetry and stories in class, including revision.
  • English 407: Introduction to Poetry Writing (3 sections). Engaged intermediate writing students with in-depth conversations about poetry and poetics. Selected and discussed six books by contemporary poets with diverse aesthetics, including the documentary and the avant garde, as well as essays on craft. Facilitated weekly workshops of poems and students’ proposal and assemblage of their own documentary poem project.
  • English 106J: First-Year Composition (11 sections). Introduced students to the conventions of academic writing and research and to rhetorical analysis of a variety of texts from popular culture, current events, and interdisciplinary scholarly sources. Designed writing projects ranging from mock advertisements to memoir, from manifestos to analyses of public space to engage students in a complex understanding of audience and argumentation in their writing. Conducted bi-weekly one-on-one conferences with students to discuss current writing projects.
  • English 106R: First-Year Composition/Learning Community (two sections). In addition to the goals above, collaborated with a fellow learning community program instructor on Purdue Promise, a community of first-generation and low-income/at-risk freshmen students. Worked to integrate local events and field trips into curriculum and collaborated to facilitate interdisciplinary overlap in content between our two classes.
  • English 108: Advanced First-Year Composition (one section). Guided advanced students through the conventions of academic research, writing, and rhetorical analyses, helping them to work more independently on research and writing projects.

Instructor, Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI)  | Purdue University (June-July 2012)

  • Designed curricula for and taught three, month-long summer courses for gifted middle-schoolers in Summer Residential Program: Poetry Workshop, Adolescents Writing for Adolescents, and Public Speaking.
  • Worked with culturally-diverse students, both domestic and international, from low SES and at-risk backgrounds.
  • Created interactive activities and projects to engage students with writing in various genres and contexts, including poetry, graphic stories, and speeches.
  • Participated in educator training on the unique strengths and challenges of teaching gifted students, including identifying under-represented students with intellectual promise.


Writing Lab, Department of English | Purdue University (August 2005-August 2010)

  • Purdue OWL Content Developer (May 2006-August 2010). Created educational resources on second language learning, composition, creative writing, research and citation, and tutoring for Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL).
  • Graduate Tutor (August 2005-April 2009). Assisted writers from a variety of disciplines, including undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty members, at all stages of the writing process. Designed and presented in-class workshops on writing, close-reading, and research issues as requested by instructors. Facilitated ESL conversation groups once a week for international students and staff. Answered writing questions via phone and email.
  • Summer Assistant Director (May-June 2007). Compiled and submitted the annual report on the Lab’s statistics, services, and outreach activities in addition to regular tutoring duties.
  • Writing Lab Liaison (May 2006-April 2007). Fostered open dialogue between the Writing Lab and Introductory Composition at Purdue (ICaP) Program year-round. Communicated with composition instructors regarding Writing Lab events and services. Served as ex-officio member of the Introductory Writing Committee and attended all meetings. Coordinated with ICaP to prepare for annual English 106 Student Showcase. Conducted orientation for new teaching assistants in the fall and mentored undergraduate tutors.


  • Graduate Teaching Award, Purdue Teaching Academy and Office of the Provost
  • Berenice A. Carroll Award for Feminism, Peace, and Social Justice, first place: “Bridging Thought and Action:
    Service Learning in Introduction to Women’s Studies.” 2013.
  • Purdue Research Foundation Summer Grant, Purdue University, June-August 2011 and 2012
  • Learning Communities Advocate Award Nominee (student nominated), Spring 2011.
  • Cheryl Z. Oreovicz Dissertation Scholarship, Purdue University, Fall 2011

Alfred J. Lindsay Scholarship for Creative Writing. Western Illinois University, 2003.

Syndy M. Conger Award for Graduate Writing: “Violence and the Women of Beowulf: Their Place in the
Context of Anglo-Saxon Culture.” Western Illinois University, March 2003.


“Transgressing Intellectual Boundaries Begins with Transgressing Physical Ones: Feminist Community Engagement as Activist-Apprentice Pedagogy.” American Education Research Association. Chicago, IL. April 16-20, 2015.

“Anxious About Complicity: Moving Beyond Students’ Denial-as-Defense Mechanism.” Panel Organizer and Presenter: Teaching Women’s Studies in Conservative Environments. With C. Greene (Clayton State University); M. Chiu (University of Missouri); and L. Baralt (California State University, Long Beach). National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference. Cincinnati, OH. November 7-10, 2013.

“Denise Levertov and the Politics of the Woman War Poet.” Louisville Literature and Culture Annual Conference. University of Louisville. Louisville, KY. February 21-23, 2013.

“The Poetics of Activism: The Myth of Powerless Art.” National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference. Oakland, CA. November 7-9, 2012.

“Beyond the Givens.” Panel organizer and presenter: From the Mawkish to the Remarkable: Sentimentality in Undergraduate Poetry Workshops. With E. Goddard-Scovel (Purdue Univ.), C. Lumpkin (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln), and A. Gibbons-Koesters (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln). Associated Writing Programs Annual Conference. Chicago, IL. February 29-March 3, 2012.

“Obstacles to Our Authority: Re-examining Feminism in the Academy.” National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA. November 10-13, 2011.

“Femaville: Poems from the Flood,” poetry reading. 40th Annual Symposium of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature. Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI. May 13-15, 2010.


Scholarship & Pedagogy

“Transgressing Intellectual Boundaries Begins with Transgressing Physical Ones: Feminist Community Engagement as Activist-Apprentice Pedagogy.” In Iverson & James (eds), Feminist Community Engagement: Achieving Praxis. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2015. Print.


  • “What I Know of Long-Distance Relationships.” Slipstream: Cars, Stars, and Bars Issue, No. 32 (2011).
  • “The Bed.” Slipstream, Special Issue: Sex-Food-Death, No. 31 (2011).
  • “Dream Dictionary: Flood,” “Harbor,” and “Winter Morning, Post-Flood.” Cimarron Review No. 172 (2010).
  • “Drive” and “Lake Argyle State Park.” Crab Orchard Review 15.2 (Summer/Fall 2010).
  • “Bankruptcy Hearing.” Reprinted in American Life in Poetry, No. 260 (March 2010).
  • “West-Central Illinois Farm” and “We Eat With Our Fingers.” Grasslands Review No. 28.
  • “Night, Barges.” Prairie Schooner 83.4 (Winter 2009).
  • “Cleaning Crew” and “Bankruptcy Hearing.” Blue Collar Review 12.2 (Winter 2008-2009).
  • “Tea Pantoum” and “Hair Poem.” Poetry East No. 52 (Spring 2004).

Book Reviews and Interviews

  • Radicals on the Road: Internationalism, Orientalism, and Feminism During the Vietnam Era by Judy Tzu-Chun Wu.”
    Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies (Spring 2015 – Forthcoming).
  • “‘Let’s Gin’: A Interview with Mary Leader,” Sycamore Review (September 28, 2010). Web.
  • “A Witness of History: An Interview with Eleanor Wilner,” w/Allison Hutchcraft. Sycamore Review 22.2 (2010). Print.
  • “David Sedaris’s When You Are Engulfed in Flames.” Sycamore Review 21.2 (Summer/Fall 2009). Print.
  • “Daneen Wardrop’s The Odds of Being.” Sycamore Review 21.1 (Winter/Spring 2009). Print.


Editorial Review

  • Feral Feminisms Journal, Peer Reviewer (May 2013-present). Served a peer reviewer for poetry submissions
    to queer, feminist online journal as needed.
  • Sycamore Review Literary Journal. Department of English, Purdue University. Served as Publicist (2010-
    2011), Wabash Prize Coordinator/Publicist (2009-2010), and general Editorial Assistant (2004-2010),
    reviewing submissions in the slush pile, selecting poems to be forwarded to judge for our bi-annual
    poetry prize, soliciting work from authors, and promoting the journal.


American Education Research Association
Modern Language Association
National Women’s Studies Association

NOTE: Full CV, references, and letters of recommendation are available upon inquiry.

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