Pardon My Dust: Sprucing Up “The Gender Press”

The Gender Press is getting a spruce! While the layout of the blog has been updated, the content here will continue to explore feminism and the complex intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality in our everyday lives.

If you’re a follower, you’ll notice three major changes:

  1. The content will no longer be addressed primarily to my introductory gender and sexuality studies students. Since I’ve just completed my last semester of teaching at my current institution, I’ll be addressing a wider audience here. This will mean fewer lectures and a more diverse range of posts, including an expanded focus on national and international current events of interest to gender studies scholars, feminists, and activists.
  2. You’ll also see more content by guest bloggers, including original writing by and interviews with feminist scholars, activists, and artists, including some former students. In fact, our first guest post on the intersections of feminism and disability is coming soon!
  3. Finally, you’ll find more pages featuring a sampling of my professional portfolio and activism as I plunge into the job hunt!

If you’re a former student, you’ll notice that the content, particularly the links in the sidebar, are less Purdue-specific and of more general interest to a wider audience. Looking for a Purdue resource? Don’t fret. Check out the new category of links titled “Purdue Student Resources” on the right – you’ll still find many important campus and Lafayette, IN community resources there.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Shoot me an email at

Thanks to everyone who has visited, followed, and/or recommended The Gender Press over the last three years! I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy and share the content here. Here’s to a new chapter.


Dana Bisignani



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