Sexual Assaults Plague Purdue’s Campus

The student-initiated Sexual Assault Summit held this past Saturday seems suddenly more timely. Two sexual assaults have been reported on Purdue’s campus just within the last week. In one case, a student was taken into custody and a fraternity suspended during the investigation of the assault.

Learn more from Indy Local News here.

Purdue is the only university in the BIG 10 without a Rape Crisis Center, and is reportedly second only to the University of Nebraska in mishandling cases of sexual assault. This means that Purdue is failing to meet the requirements of Title IX, which guarantees women the legal right to equal education – not just in terms of sports, but also in terms of funding/scholarships and safety.

Purdue students and student organizations, like Feminist Action Coalition for Today (FACT) and Boilers Educating Against Rape (BEAR), and more recently the Purdue Social Justice Coalition, have all been working to convince the university to correct this problem. Thus far, the university’s administration has seemed unreceptive.


Need more information about what to do if you or someone you know experiences a sexual assault? Visit What Now Tippecanoe: After Sexual Violence, also linked under “Campus Resources.”




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