Eve Ensler: Reclaiming the “Girl Self,” Vulnerability, and Other Ways of Knowing

“I love that I don’t take things lightly. Everything is intense to me…These feelings make me better – they make me better, they make me present, they make me ready, they make me strong.”

Feminist activist, writer, and performer Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues which are still performed every V-Day (Valentine’s Day, End Violence Against Women Day/Vagina Day) all over the world, celebrates the emotional, intuitive “girl” part of ourselves that we, as both women and men, often devalue  as weak, foolish and irrational as a result of our gender socialization.

The following excerpt comes from Ensler’s TED Talk “Embracing Your Inner Girl.” Here, Ensler captures how vital the “girl self” is to our humanity – it strives to be connected, to everyone and to everything, and to feel those connections, that is, to feel communally, not just individually. The girl self comes to knowledge through the gut, through intuition, rather than through intellect alone – so when we cut off the intuitive, emotionally-knowing girl self, in fact we cut ourselves off from a great deal of knowledge about the world.



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