Welcome to WGSS 280: Introduction to Women’s Studies

Welcome to our course blog. For the next 16 weeks, this blog will serve as the online home for our section of WGSS 280 (Women’s Studies: An Introduction).



Each week, I’ll post lectures and class activities, relevant campus events, news and videos, and breaking news here, so check it frequently. In addition, readings, podcasts, and other online resources marked (B) on the calendar attached to your syllabus can be found under the links to the right under “Readings & Podcasts.”

You may already have noticed the posts from last semester’s course below this post feel free to browse those if you like. The most recent posts always appear at the top of the page, older posts toward the bottom.

You’ll also see links to important resources on campus and in the surrounding community, as well as links to feminist activist organizations and blogs that address everything from breaking news to pop culture. When it comes time to write your assignments, you can also find links to helpful writing resources, including a site to help you with citation format.

One more thing: our blog is open to the global public – that is, to anyone with internet access – and it does have a few followers, so from time to time, you might see a comment on a post from someone not in our class. Our class is part of a much larger, ongoing dialogue about changing the world, and I hope you carry some of what you learn here beyond the boundaries of our classroom as well.

I look forward to getting to know all of you over the next few weeks.



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