Purdue’s “This is Engineering”: Looking at the Disciplines Through a Feminist Lens

Last spring (2013), Purdue’s Office of the President footed the bill for the “This is Engineering” video, which is now posted on Purdue’s website. The video, which features a group of Purdue engineering students rapping to the music of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s hit song “Thrift Shop,” came under some fire recently.

Put on your feminist lens, watch the video, and see if you can understand why, after listening to Dr. Eileen Pollack’s lecture on Tuesday.




Now read the editorial from the Journal & Courier written by a Purdue graduate student, Aria S. Halliday and Professor of American Studies Bill Mullen, both from the Purdue Anti-Racism Coalition (PARC). You might also check the comment feed on the video that directly attacks the editorial, as well as Aria, though remember a white man also co-authored the letter (he’s never mentioned in the attacks). What’s also interesting are the attacks on the academic discipline of the writers, who both hail from the College of Liberal Arts.


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