Notable Current Events for Your Journal

As you’re working on your Current Events journals, I wanted to share a couple of recent articles, which you may or may not have already stumbled on yourselves. These are certainly timely and might be of interest to several of you.

Number 1: The Winter Olympics in Sochi

“Why the Olympics are a Lot Like ‘The Hunger Games'”

Number 2: Healthcare and the LGBTQ Community

Next week, we’ll start talking about sexuality and sexual identity, as well as sex education, so this article seems rather timely: “Idaho Bill Would Allow Doctors or Cops to Refuse Service to LGBT People on Religious Grounds.”

Number 3: The Purdue Women’s Archive

For those of you who really enjoyed your trip to the archive, here’s an excuse to go back: you can use one of your Current Events Journal entries to discuss something you look at in the Women’s Archive. Remember that you need to email an archivist, like Stephanie, ahead of time so they can retrieve the materials for you. Click here to view what’s in the archive before you request material.


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