Stopping Human Trafficking: Campus Conversations & Upcoming Events

traffickingBeginning on November 2nd, Purdue will be host to a week’s worth of events aimed at stopping human trafficking. Although we haven’t explicitly discussed this topic in class, Adrienne Rich does mention human trafficking (specifically sex trafficking) as one of the methods used by those in power to maintain the powers of men (see “Compulsory Heterosexuality…”). The events will include  informational talks, a documentary screening (hosted by Marie Kellemen from the YWCA, who spoke with our class earlier this semester), and even guided prayer.

For a complete list of the events and their times and places, check out the Stopping Traffic: Breaking the Chains of Human Exploitation Facebook page.


Want to know more about human trafficking, including who it affects and what forms it takes? Listen to this eye-opening episide of the Diane Rehm Show on NPR. The show features Sophie Hayes, the author of the memoir Trafficked, who went on to create the Sophie Hayes Foundation to stop human trafficking. Hayes was a victim of human trafficking herself.


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