Occupy Education: Students and Teachers Challening Public Schools

After reading “Preparing Minds for Markets” (and looking forward to watching Precious Knowledge next week), some of you may be interested in some of the public school reform currently being spearheaded by teachers’ unions as well as students and teachers collaborating together.

First, check out Occupy Education,  “a collection of adults and children’s messages that challenge public school to become something more than it is – messages that dare public school to serve students’ passions instead of politicians and vendors’ coffers.” (In fact, your own instructor has appeared on this blog!)

CTU strikeSecond, read up on the successful, woman-led Chicago Teachers’ Union strike from just last September.  The strike was a major win for public school teachers, who have already been under siege; over the past year, teachers unions have been under attack and many have had their collective bargaining rights stripped by conservative state governments, like Wisconsin and Indiana. Our own Mitch Daniels’s record on education, which included deep budget cuts to all public education, including higher ed, as well as attacks on teachers’ unions, was one of the reasons why so many called his recent appointment as Purdue’s newest president into question.


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