Indiana’s Mandated Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Rule

Because this came up in our discussion in class on Monday, here’s some clarification. Last month, Indiana passed a bill through the state Senate that requires women to undergo two trans-vaginal ultrasounds in order to receive a medication-induced abortion.

Please Note: a “medication-induced abortion” does not involve a medication called Plan B (the generic version is called Next Choice). Plan B does not abort a pregnancy but can be purchased over the counter (with ID) and taken the morning after unprotected sex (e.g., if the condom broke or slipped off or you neglected to use a barrier method, etc.)  Indiana’s trans-vaginal ultrasound rule targets women who might opt to receive a medication-induced abortion, which is delivered at the clinic and can be used to end early pregnancies, up to 10 weeks.

For more on Indiana’s double trans-vaginal ultrasound rule, read here.

Now, in your Feminist Social Protest papers earlier this semester, some of you wrote about feminist groups who used humor as a way to combat discrimination. Here’s another prime example of that. Virginia has been another in a series of states trying to rollback access to reproductive rights by requiring medically unnecessary vaginal probing. Here, one woman lawmaker fights back.



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