Counting Your Service Learning Volunteer Hours

The other day before class, I overheard wondering with their group what exactly counts as volunteer hours for your service learning project. Hopefully, you’ve been remembering to record and get signatures the work you’ve already done. Here’s a list of some time well spent that you might not have considered:

  • Meetings with members of your organization (to discuss the march, research the organization’s history, brainstorm, or just see how they run and what’ on their agenda, etc.)
  • Helping your organization at their events (e.g., setting up chairs or tables, handing out materials, collating pamphlets, etc.)
  • Visiting the Purdue Writing Lab with documents you’re drafting for your organization (e.g., a letter they’re going to send out, or a new pamphlet, etc.)
  • Accompanying your community partner members to a city council meeting or other event to see what kind of work they’re doing. You can help them out by taking notes at the meeting.
  • Office work (e.g., collating, organizing, data entry), etc. at the organization.
  • And of course, working on your organization’s product for the march! Any time you spend making T-shirts, banners, etc., or running around or calling businesses to price-check printing costs  counts toward your volunteer hours.

Remember to make note of what your group meetings are about, as you’ll have to submit meeting notes attached to your volunteer hours sheet at the end of the project. These don’t have to be pages long – I just need to know what you all discussed or accomplished during a group meeting on a given day.

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