One Billion Rising: Protesting Violence Against Women on Feb. 14th, Flash Mob Style

one billion risingOn Feb. 14th, women all over the world will walk out into the streets and dance to celebrate life and to protest their rising up against global violence against women. Feminist activist and author of The Vagina Monologues Eve Ensler is behind the movement, and you can be part of it locally on our very own campus.


The Purdue Contemporary Dance Company is gathering with other dance groups and interested students at Purdue to perform a flash mob around campus throughout the day on February 14, 2013.   If you or anyone else wants to get involved, we have scheduled another teaching of the flash mob:

Wednesday, February 13 at 8:30pm in PAO 1179.

For more info, check out the Facebook page for Purdue’s One Billion Rising and find out how you can participate.

As of now, there will be four performance times on Valentine’s Day, all of which are during power hour passing periods:


With the help of dance department faculty member Sally Wallace, Amberly Simpson is organizing this event: she writes, “As a young woman who has been
directly affected by the type of violence that this organization is rising up to
prevent, I realize how incredibly important it is to increase this sort of
awareness and, most importantly, end it.  But I am not the only one, in fact, it
is likely that a third to half of your female students have had a similar


This protest movement is directly linked with our upcoming discussions about violence against women (starting Feb. 11th) and our engagement with social justice and activist tactics. If you participate in the flash mob and write a one page response about your experience in this event, you will receive 5 points of extra credit. I would also encourage you to have a friend record video or take pictures of you in the flash mob! I am happy to post them to our blog and they will also document your participation.

I hope that all of you will participate.


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