Service Learning Grant: Practical Grassroots Organizing Experience

For those of you who attended the planning meeting for the March in March this afternoon, you know that our director, TJ, mentioned that creating banners, sashes, etc. for delegations (i.e., organizations) in the march will cost some money. Refreshments and supplies for your symposium will also cost some money. So how can you get money without dipping into your own poor student pockets?

Enter grant writing skills!

Purdue awards up to $1,500 to an organization, class, etc. working on a service learning project, and our class project is a shoe-in. If you’re interested in working on the grant, I am looking for two motivated student volunteers from class to work on the grant application. The deadline is February 7th, so it’s coming up quickly. I will, of course, work closely with the two of you on this process (especially, for example, on things like the budget).

In addition to possibly winning grant money for the class and all their community partners (imagine them tossing you in the air and cheering), you will also get to put the award on your resume, and you’ll gain grant-writing skills for your own future.

Check out the service learning grant from Purdue.

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