Events and Extra Credit

Every semester, I offer 5 points of extra credit to any student who attends a community or campus event I announce in class – usually an event that is sponsored by the Women’s Studies program or otherwise connects with materials in class – and who writes and submits a one-page reflection of that event (like a reading response). While I encourage students to attend as many of these events as possible, I award up to 10 extra credit points (or two events @ 5 points each).

Here are some of the upcoming evens I hope you will attend:

1. “The Fierce Urgency of Now: A Celebration of the Life & Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” by Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC.

harris perry


2. First of the Women’s Studies Noon Lecture series: Dr. Joyce Main and Ms. Beth Holloway, 12:30-1:30pm, STEW 322

3. Film: showing of the acclaimed documentary Miss Representation, Feb. 14th, in Lawson 1142, from 6:00-8:00pm. While I’m not offering extra credit for this film, since it’s already on our class schedule for March, I will allow any student who sees it on Feb. 14th to miss class the days I show the film in class; however, you will still need to be present on the day we discuss the film in class, and you will need to contribute to the discussion. If the entire class is able to attend that evening (I know, I know, it’s Valentine’s Day…bring a date), we can use those class days as work days for your service learning work!

Watch the trailer:


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