Undoing "Roe v. Wade": Further Conversations about Reproductive Rights

The New York Times recentlypublished this article in its Opinion Pages regarding the Republican party’s stance on abortion. Read “If Roe v. Wade Goes.”

What exactly does Roe v. Wade cover? You might be surprised. Roe v. Wade held that:

  • States are forbidden to interfere with a woman’s access to abortion during the 1st trimester (or first 3 months) of pregnancy.
  • States can only regulate 2nd trimester abortions to protect a woman’s health.
  • States can ban 3rd trimester abortions except if a woman’s life is in jeopardy.
  • A fetus is not protected as a “person” under the 14th amendment.
  • A woman’s right to choose (and the privacy of her choice) is a fundamental right and has the highest level of Constitutional protection.

Read more about Roe v. Wade.



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